Training School

The instruction area (pillar of safety in flight operations) has reached national and international recognition, BEING THE FIRST CERTIFIED INSTRUCTION CENTER OF AMERICA FOR TRAINING IN MI-8MTV-1, MI-171, AND MI-171-A1 HELICOPTERS, all this through the development of a Training Center with CUTTING classrooms, an audiovisual projection room, and a Level B Flight Simulator (KTB-MI-8 type 0401) for training of MI-8MTV-1 aircraft crews. This simulator has been duly inspected, approved and authorized by the Special Administrative Unit of the Civil Aviation Authority for service to third parties, resolution No. 04411 of November 2000.

The two certificates granted to the Flight Simulator by both the Special Administrative Unit of the Civil Aviation Authority (UAEAC) and the Ministry of Transport of Russia (certificate No. 10.1.14-768 of December 24th 2001) authorize us to offer the following courses for pilots and flight engineers:

  1. Initial training
  2. Transition training to the aircraft
  3. Recurrent training
  4. Flight emergencies training
  5. Proficiency checks
  6. Post-accident checks
  7. Loft practices

Our experience in the training area has allowed us to train our own pilots, flight engineers, and technical personnel permanently. We also train students from the National Army of Colombia, the Mexican Preventive Police and Navy, as well as the Civil Aviation Direction and the General Aviation Companies of Ecuador.

These courses will last depending on whether they are initial or recurrent; there is also a theoretical part (Ground course/aircraft systems and components) and the hands-on part based on the following program:
a. Simulator Induction

  1. Knowledge on Flight Manual
  2. Radio-navigation means
  3. Safety Measures

b. Cabin Training

  1. Adaptation flight
  2. Flight in aerodrome zone
  3. Flight with schemes of instrument approach
  4. Flight with imitation of different system failures
  5. Flight with imitation of engine failure
  6. Flight with imitation of fire



Technical training

Vertical de Aviación has an approved training program addressed to all ground technical personnel performing maintenance on aircraft operated by our company; this training is based on the recommendations from the manufactures of the different aircraft, and it is accomplished through basic and recurrent courses complying with the aeronautical authority requirements.

Vertical de Aviación has developed its own training program with the view to reach a high performance in the maintenance duties, services, inspections, and repairs according to its list of capabilities. The program includes the following approved courses:

  1. MI-8MTV-1 aircraft basic and recurrent course
  2. Bell 212 aircraft basic and recurrent course
  3. Bell 222U aircraft basic and recurrent course
  4. Jetstream aircraft basic and recurrent course
  5. MI-8MTV-1 and MI-171 helicopters differences course


In addition to this, Vertical has been granted approval on the mandatory training programs, in compliance with the Colombian regulations and the policies stablished in the Maintenance General Manual, as follows:

  1. Indoctrination
  2. Initial and recurrent inspector’s course
  3. RII Inspections course
  4. Human Factor
  5. Hazardous Goods



Operational and management system certificate by Ministry of Defense of Colombia


Simulator certificate by  by Ministry of Defense of Russia