It is with great satisfaction that we have been recognized for our work with the multinational company of communications, Motorola Solutions Colombia. Since 2014, Vertical has been responsible for the integral transport area of personnel and cargo for the construction of towers and communication equipment in Colombia. All our team is very proud of the opportunity to show our professionalism and rigor during the offered services. See the certificate issued by Motorola Solutions


Vertical ha representado con gran orgullo a Colombia en la misión norteamericana en Afganistán. Han sido más de 4 años dando soporte y apoyo a las tropas americanas en materia de logística, carga y desplazamientos de tripulación. Para ello Vertical tuvo que emplear a medio centenar de empleados con sede en el país Afgano para efectuar las operaciones de la forma más precisa posible. Algunos datos claves de nuestra operación con el departamento corroboradas con el

READ MORE 13950 our constant improvement has taken us to develop a change of image and brand in order to transmit both our past and futures objectives. Vertical is a company that evolves and therefore we believed it was convenient to change our image style and our brand; likewise we have redesigned our website looking forward to offering more information about ourselves and the things around us. The challenge has been to maintain the soul of…