Our constant improvement has taken us to develop a change of image and brand in order to transmit both our past and futures objectives. Vertical is a company that evolves and therefore we believed it was convenient to change our image style and our brand; likewise we have redesigned our website looking forward to offering more information about ourselves and the things around us.

The challenge has been to maintain the soul of a company leader in the market upgrading and giving a great value of image to its brand. A brand value more in line with Vertical de Aviación leadership and values, a company that stands up for the development of a renewed and modern corporate identity sending off a more modern and innovating identity concept for these new times.

The visual composition consists of a more abbreviated version of the Company’s name and the incorporation of a strong visual symbol that represents the quality, professionalism, efficiency, internationality, and dynamism practiced by Vertical de Aviación along these 30 years.

A new brand and image that represent the past, the present and the future; a great change to go even further

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